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Thank you for your interest in our bird whistles.

We are a young and devoted team with more than 15 years of international experience with demonstrating bird whistles, and we are fully committed to deliver you only the very best. Each whistle is selected on quality perfection before it is packed and sent to you.

Our whistles are traditionally handcrafted and the best quality in the world. They are tested and developed to perfection during many years.

The membrane is tight and clear, providing a good, clean, and high sound. The white whistle part is of special coated material, not paper / cardboard like the older types or bad imitations others might offer.

We guarantee best quality and great whistling fun!

All whistles are packed in the original package with easy to go instructions, making it a perfect gift for just any occasion! Surprise your family & friends, bring it with you at all times, and you will have an easy way to make somebody smile!

Kind Regards, Original Bird Whistles


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World's Best

Get your own bird whistle and imitate bird sounds & many other sounds!

Modern top quality - The durable version!

Original package in 70 beautiful birds!

Use again & again: No paper parts!

Unlimited birds & other sounds!

Quick instructions included!